Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome Baby Brother Marcus

This is little boy Marcus. He just arrived yesterday from Minnesota. Marcus is the baby brother of Farcus, Festus and Basock Obama. All four were made by the same talented sock monkey mother. Marcus is strutting his stuff already. He can't wait to meet his big brothers!

What a handsome family portrait! From left to right, we've got Festus the cowboy sheriff, Basock Obama the president, Farcus the red headed bully and little Marcus with his sock monkey blankie. Note: Farcus has been very well behaved since he moved to Florida and is no longer a bully.

Marcus gives Basock a big hug.

Festus says, "I'll protect you, little brother."

Marcus asks Farcus to tuck him in at bedtime. These two have bonded since their names rhyme.

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