Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stepford Monk or Desperate Housemonk? You Decide.

Earlier today, I took on the ambitious project of steam cleaning the carpets. I am affectionately renaming this fine Rug Doctor machine the Beast from Hell.

You may wonder how the term "curiosity killed the cat" originated. I think it might have been when a fearless tuxedo cat starting sniffing around the Beast from Hell.

Karl nonchalantly strolls right in front of the Beast's path. Brave boy? Think again. I hadn't even fired up this Beast yet.

Here I go. Rollin' rollin' rollin'. Keep that Beast a rollin'... Rawhide! No tuxedo cats in sight now... ha!

Whew! I really worked up a sweat today, but it was totally worth it. The carpet is now fresh and clean for my humans. I sure hope they are grateful for all my hard work this morning.


willis said...

I'd say Stepford Monk. Nice babushka!

Big Monkey said...

Thanks Willis. That's how the Croation ladies do it. Babushkas are stylin'!