Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Publix

This past Sunday I tagged along with Laura for the weekly shopping at our favorite grocery store, Publix. We were going to pick up a new family member from our friend Carla who works there. She mistakenly left the sock monkey at home, but I still enjoyed my trip by invading the produce section. Ahhh... this is every monkey's dream. Check out these bananas! Can I bring them ALL home... please? I think we need a bigger cart.

Besides bananas, I am a big fan of grapes. Laura usually gets the seedless variety, but I like the ones with seeds so I can spit them at Mark when he's not looking... hee hee!

Hey, this hula chick looks familiar. I think she came to Laura's birthday party.

Publix is definitely a monkey friendly grocery store. Can I buy this banana balloon, Laura?
I never realized grocery shopping was so much fun. I think I'm going to be back at Publix again real soon.

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