Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sock Monkey Art

I am a bit of a Renaissance monkey. Here are some examples of fine art that I have added to my collection. The first is a self portrait crafted out of wire, created by the talented artist from Picturesque Wires. If you peruse this web site, you shall find my likeness under M for Monkey. She perfected all of my characteristic features including my pink eyes, Popeye forearms and classic red bow tie.

The picture below represents peace, love and harmony between tuxedo cat and sock monkey. This is an example to live by. Karl and Megan (the resident tuxedo cats) are completely on board with this concept now. Their initial interpretation was that tuxedo cat knocks sock monkey down and plays with the red pom pom atop his hat. I have firmly corrected this notion. This fine piece of artwork was created by the eBay seller affordable!!art.

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