Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day - Crystal Beach

Our sock monkey candidate for President, Basock, poses in front of the Crystal Beach Town Hall, Precinct 563 in the State of Florida after casting his ballot. He is proudly displaying his American flag and "I Voted" sticker.

The hopeful vice presidential candidate, Big Monkey, smiles broadly after participating in the democratic process.

Here is a sample ballot illustrating the candidates for U.S., state and county offices.

A close up reveals our two major party candidates - Basock and Big Monkey as well as Cecil Walrus and Barbie.
This is going to be a tight race. The outcome may be determined by the swing voters, pictured below. More to come when all the votes are tallied!


Anonymous said...

Good lord. How many presidential candidates did you have on the ballot in FL? Waste of paper and ink.

Congrats to Basock on his impressive victory.


Anonymous said...

Love the swing voters!

Here in CO we had, I believe, 11 candidates for president, but Basock and Cecil were not on the ballot.

As to the FL "rules" about polling place behavior, I wasn't aware that candidates could campaign right outside the actual polling place. But FL does have a questionable reputation concerning these matters.

Anyway, congrats to Basock!

Uncle Bill