Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ride 'Em, Cowboy Socks!

I was proud to present my little buddy Socks with a brand new stick horse and instructional flip book titled, "Giddy Up." Many years ago in his youth, Socks had a stick horse which was accidentally misplaced. He was thrilled to see his old buddy and ready to jump back in the saddle again!

Socks got a refresher course on riding his new stick horse by literally flipping through this book. The pages create an animation of a sock monkey riding his stick horse through the desert. He even winks at the viewer during his ride!

There he goes! It's just like riding a bike. One never forgets how to ride a stick horse. Simulation of the desert ride is accomplished by these strategically placed authentic red rocks from Sedona, Arizona.

Galloping past the red rocks, Socks can barely control his bucking bronco. Yee haw!


willis said...

How appropriate. We are hosting here in Colorado the National Western Stock (not "Sock,"sorry!) Show, so Denver turns into all things western. Yuppies wear cowboy garb and all of the radio stations do live remotes at the 12-day or so event. Cheryl and I attend the herding dog events, where a brilliant dog and compliant owner work together to herd either sheep or cattle. After watching, one gains an understanding that sheep are incredibly dumb, and deserve to be bitten on the neck, even though that action disqualifies the pup. This is truly an amazing event; the competing dog does all the herding though a obstacle course, the human just whistles or otherwise vocalizes commands from a stationary position.

Big Monkey said...


Sounds like fun! I think we might try a herding event here at my house. Laura and Mark can be the sheep, I'll be the dog, and Karl can give the commands. He works best from a stationary position.