Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meet Billy Ground Hog's Brother Woody

I'm sure you'll remember Billy Ground Hog (or BGH for short). He's my buddy who is originally from Ohio. He played football in the SMNFL (Sock Monkey National Football League) for the Cleveland Red White and Browns during his prime. Now he's living the charmed life of a retired pro athlete at my home in Florida. BGH has been admired more than once by Laura's co-worker at the bank, Miss Amy, who coincidentally is also an Ohio native.

Amy's birthday was approaching, and Billy Ground Hog noticed that one of his brothers was up for adoption on ebay! Better yet, this brother played football for Ohio State, and Miss Amy's husband is an alumni. After coordinating with Laura, we made it happen. Brother was on his way from Ohio to Florida. When his coach arrived via the postal service, BGH did the honors by opening the hatch for his brother.

All of a sudden, a friendly head popped out. "Hello hello hello! Greetings from Ohio!," brother exclaimed.
After climbing out of his coach, brother and BGH took some time to catch up. BGH admired the genuine buckeye necklace that brother wore proudly around his neck.

Brother came with other accessories besides his necklace. Take note of his pom pom hat and fleece blankie displaying his Ohio State spirit.

After a brief reunion, it was time to prepare brother for his new home with Miss Amy. BGH helped his brother burrow in a birthday gift bag. He didn't shed too many tears, knowing that his brother would live only a few miles away. They would be able to meet again, perhaps for Sock Monkey Friday at the bank.

Miss Amy was delighted to adopt brother! After bringing him home and discussing with the family, his name was determined to be Woody after the famous Ohio State coach Woody Hayes.

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