Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning - An Ominous Beginning?

Apparently while Santa Monk was delivering presents around the world on Christmas Eve, an assailant was busy preying on the sock monkey filled tree. Laura found the two assaulted victims on the floor Christmas morning.

She immediately summoned Officer Po Po and Po Junior to investigate the scene. There is no holiday when it comes to crime.

The fine fellows in blue were able to gather forensic evidence before the crime scene was contaminated by a frenzy of unwrapped presents.

Once Po Po could obtain a warrant, he returned to arrest the perpetrator, Karl. Here he is about to attack some of the Christmas gifts. He's eying up the beef stick... sigh. I guess it's back to cat jail... again.

Another tragedy occurred on our front porch later in the morning. A small dead bird was discovered, but it appears that no foul (or fowl) play was involved. He was relocated to Monkey Hollow in our backyard as his final resting place. RIP, my feathered friend.


noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey!

It is too bad that Karl had to spend Christmas in cat jail, but he should have thought about that before deciding to be a criminal.

Glad Officer PoPo is keeping the peace at your house. I'm sure you feel much safer knowing he is on the job.

Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...


The tree was up for a week and a half before Karl decided to attack those poor monks. I think he already knew that Santa Monk wasn't bringing him anything so he took revenge.