Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Monkeypalooza - a Plethora of All Things Monkey

This Christmas could certainly be considered Monkeypalooza. We were so fortunate to receive many simian related gifts that included monkeys (sock and otherwise), artwork, clothing, decor, etc. I wish I could post pictures of every item. Our cup truly runneth over this year. Here are two cuties which appear to be the offspring of our giant red sock monkey, Scarlet. Rusty (orange) and Casey (blue) are making friends with their new buddy Karl.

This little dude is crocheted. He's only a few inches tall, so it took some seriously intricate work to create this buddy.

He was made by a nice lady named Meema who lives in Canada and sells her monkeys on ebay. It turns out that a shriner sock monkey Laura purchased two years ago was made by the same person. These two are brothers!

Speaking of brothers, here is one of the Monkey Brothers donning a brand new holiday sweater from Cynthia. He is pushing a shopping cart that Mark bought for us from Think Geek. Think Geek is a good place to find cool toys for your favorite nerd, and they are a monkey friendly company.

We received some delicious buckeyes from our neighbor Joni and from Mark (courtesy of Cracker Barrel). Our native Ohioan, Billy Ground Hog, is ready to devour some of his favorite holiday goody! Buckeyes are basically peanut butter balls covered in chocolate. Yummo!


Noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey!

We are glad to see that Karl got out of cat jail. We were worried about him having to live on bread and water.

Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...


That boy is so spoiled. He always manages to make bail immediately. Actually, it is a little strange because there are times when he doesn't mind being in cat jail (upside down laundry basket over him).