Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eat your heart out, P Diddy and 50 Cent. Check out B-Monk's new style!

Here I am (B-Monk that is) striking a pose in my new fur coat. Let me emphasize to my homies - this coat is 100% faux. No furries were harmed in any way, shape or form to produce this luxurious piece. I think I'll wear it to the Grammys when my hit "Auto-Biggie-Ography" gets nominated for an award.


Judy G :) said...

Whoa! Fame has really changed Big Monkey!!

Big Monkey said...

Hey Judy G.! Did you change your yahoo e-mail address? I tried to e-mail you a while ago and never heard back from you. :( You're breaking my heart!

Judy G said...

Perhaps I did receive your last email and it did not require a response and then life got in the way of keeping in touch!??You may reach me at the same Yahoo email address.(jhigh711)
Tell Laura I watched Step Brothers and laughed my butt off!

Noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey!

That is a really nice outfit. Very blingy. You look like a million bucks!

Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...

Thanks Noah! My faux fur was made by the famous couture designer, Joann (of Joann's Fabrics)...LOL!