Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who's Got the Monkey? I Have ALL of Them!

I recently received Who's Got the Monkey? as a gift from Laura's assistant manager at the bank. There's a whole army of red, green, blue and yellow fine monkey soldiers inside the box. The intent of this product for humans is to see "How these monkeys simplify management and increase your employees' productivity?" Please allow me to quote the product description on the back of the box.

"Do you find yourself repeatedly solving your employees' problems for them? And do your own duties keep falling behind as a result? Every time an employee comes to you about a problem, they are in effect asking you to take the problem away. If you respond, I'll look into that, the immediate responsibility shifts. The employee has just unloaded the monkey on his back - and guess whose back it's on now? Learn how to make sure the work you delegate doesn't end up on your back with this simple technique. Keep these monkeys on your desk, and carry a few in your pocket for those impromptu hallway meetings. When one of your employees comes to you with a problem, hand them a monkey. Let them know that the monkey represents the problem, and that the person holding the monkey is the person who must make the next move. Each time the employee comes to talk to you again about that particular problem, put the monkey on a table between you. At the end of the meeting, make sure the monkey leaves with the employee; that is, make sure the problem hasn't been transferred to you. When the problem is resolved, then - and only then - the employee can unload the monkey."

If I can just voice my personal opinion here. I resent the fact that these cute little fellows are supposed to represent problems. If you ask me, the problem is the lazy human who won't do his own work.

The blue soldier is Brave Bobo.
The green soldier is Gritty Gump.
The yellow soldier is Yankee Doodle.
The red soldier is Radar Regis.

I feel like the General commanding his troups to organize and march.

General Big Monkey, we have a special mission to accomplish.

Look what an army of monkeys can do if they set their minds to it. I'm proud of my troups.


Anonymous said...

Why did they line up in formation to spell 'BI6 MONKEY'? Looks like there was a communication breakdown there...

BTW, 'Gump' is not a term used in reference to a monkey. A 'Gump' is an animal native to the fairy land of Oz, and a mounted gump head brought to life with Tip's special powder played a large role in restoring Princess Ozma to her rightful place on the throne (the Scarecrow was happy to abdicate). We just finished reading 'The Land of Oz', so we are versed in such things.


Big Monkey said...


They did spell BIG. I can understand that folks in your decade of life have issues with eyesight.

I was thinking more along the lines of my name is Forest, Forest Gump. He got shot in the buttocks.

Anonymous said...

Your human, Laura, is still in my decade of life, Bubba, so no need to be talking smack (yet).

The girls love your website, BM. Ishan's attention span is short, unless there is candy involved. Which there isn't at bigmonkeyshouse, so less enthusiasm in that instance.


Big Monkey said...

Maybe you should give Ishan some candy while he's viewing the blog. Then he will associate sock monkeys with yummy treats.