Saturday, February 28, 2009

Media Updates

I've been on a quest to become a weather watcher for our local NBC News Channel 8. Each weekday morning when meteorologist Jennifer Hill gives her forecast, she announces the current temperatures that her weather watchers are experiencing in different cities throughout the Tampa Bay region. I am a fan of their Facebook page, so one day I posted a comment to the effect of "Wouldn't it be fun to say on the air... and Big Monkey in Crystal Beach has 63 degrees?" Jen, being the COOLEST meteorologist around, said that she would love to announce my temperature. My first report was yesterday. I woke up before 5:00 am (when the morning show begins) and provided my information. Low and behold, within the first half hour Jennifer announced my forecast, and then she even said that if the viewers want to see pictures of Big Monkey, they can go to the News Channel 8 Facebook page! I have previously posted several fan photos on their site. Laura is lamenting the fact that she did not record this on the DVR to preserve my first forecast for eternity. This is very exciting stuff in my world!

The next update involves Kathie Lee and Hoda. The pictures in my blog posts from 2/17 (Honeymoon Island) and 2/22 (Margarita Day) featured the Kathie Lee and Hoda paper cut outs. I sent these photos to NBC hoping they would display them on the air. Yesterday Laura and I were watching Thursday's show which we recorded. I was delighted when they showed the picture of me and Mr. Monkey in the Escalade driving on the beach with KL and H. During a later portion of the broadcast, there was my Margarita Day photo! I had one teeny problem with that though. They called me Mr. Monkey instead of Big Monkey, just a small oversight on their part. Last night I discovered that these photos were posted on Kathie Lee and Hoda's new web site, as well as a third photo where the girls were admiring my bod on the beach! Click HERE to see my work.

What an exciting day! What will the next week will bring? All I know is that I'm going to be taking lots of brand new pictures to thrill my audience.


Noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey! Getting your name on the weather is very cool. Your pictures with Hoda and Kathie Lee are very good that a contest? Can I vote for you? I would. Because yours are the best. Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...


It's not a contest, but thanks for asking! It's just for the excitement of them showing it on t.v. Too bad they don't have a prize of lifetime supply of bananas!