Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Margarita Day!

Today is National Margarita Day, and I am getting this fiesta started early! I've got two lovely chiquitas, Kathie Lee and Hoda to celebrate with me. Don't you like our sombreros? Have fun and drink responsibly. Sorry, I had to put that in because I am a role model you know.


SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

Nice hat, looks a little small, but it looks good. How is the whole today show thing going??

Big Monkey said...

Thanks. We have a collection of sombreros that are shared amongst the family. The monkey brothers always wear theirs!

I haven't heard anything yet about my beach photos submitted to the Today Show. If they are aired, you'll be the first to know!

Noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey!

I missed out on Margarita Day. I guess my Mom and Dad don't celebrate it. Too bad. It looks like fun. So does your hat. Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...

Hi Noah!

The next holiday will be even more fun... St. Patrick's Day! I've got a special hat I'll be wearing. I can't wait!