Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Run for freedom, Brother!

There's a monkey on the loose in Clearwater. Click on this link to read all about him. He is streetwise and armed with a handful of caca, so if you see him WATCH OUT! He's outsmarted all the humans that have been looking for him over the past week. Let him eat bananas and be free!


SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

S'morey sometimes tries to escape, but he never has po in his hand. He is potty trained!!!!! lol

SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

Has Herkey been fixed yet. I she coming??? I hope he feels better.

Big Monkey said...

I haven't gotten any updates on Herkey. He might be waiting for warmer weather before he makes his journey south.

S'morey is a good natured and well cared for monkey. He doesn't have any reason to throw poo. Some monkeys have a mistrust of humans and they know how to retaliate!

Anonymous said...

I tried to add a link to BM's blog on the article webpage, but they didn't post it, and shut down the comments section. Guess they don't like BM. Bummer.


Big Monkey said...


How rude that they would not accept a comment regarding me! I found a previously posted comment highly amusing though. See below.
by Oldcrank Jan 16, 2009 10:02 AM
"The feces throwing monkey was headed for Crawford, Texas according to recent reports. But I understand Texans are okay with his relocation because they've decided to put him in a gated enclosed area near Dallas."