Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Flew the Goodyear Blimp!

The Goodyear Blimp is in Tampa for the Superbowl. Goodyear was thrilled to allow their guest captain of the day (yours truly) to pilot the blimp. Here's a shot of the "Spirit of Innovation." Isn't she a beauty?

Here I am inside the blimp's gondola making adjustments to the instrument panel before my flight. Can you see me at the helm?

Captain Big Monkey is ready for takeoff!

Flying high above the City of Tampa with my trusty wingman, Ben Socklisberger. Can you believe this superstar Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback took time out from his busy practice schedule this week to fly with me? It was truly an honor. You'll see more of Ben on my blog this week.

Taking time out to reflect upon my blimp adventure today. We had a fantastic time!


SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

That so cool big monkey I hope you enjoyed, that is a once in chance in a lifetime.You must be really special. GO STEELERS!!!!!!

Big Monkey said...

SoCk mONkEy QuEeN,

I have an "in" at Goodyear. Mark's brother is a blimp mechanic. Thanks for rooting for my team!

SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

no wonder, are you going to the game or watching it on tv???

SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

where did you get that hoodies? Did Laura make thank for you ? Does laura make sock monkeys?

Big Monkey said...

I will be watching the Superbowl at home while enjoying a delicious feast of kielbasa and pierogies. My Steelers hoodie was a gift from Pittsburgh. Laura has only made one sock monkey in the past, and it took her all weekend to sew by hand. Ever since then, she hasn't had the patience to try one again. There are some very skilled sock monkey crafters on eBay that do a much better job than she would!

willis said...

I'm never travelling by blimp again!