Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is how we roll...

How many mini sock monkeys can you fit in a Mini Cooper? Well, here's four that are ready to go for a joy ride! Socks will be in the driver's seat, accompanied by Neglected Monkey, Little Big Monkey (my mini me) and Sockette.

Sometimes Socks likes to go it alone. He's a bit of a speedster!

When the Mini Cooper needs a tune up, Socks turns to Little Big Monkey. He's pretty handy under the hood.


fred said...

"Me and Kid Sensation at home away from home
In the black benz limo with tha cellular phone
Im callin up my posse its time to get rippin
Im freakin each sunroof to keep you suckas trippin
Everybody's lookin if ya jealous turn around
The AMG kip keeps us closa to the ground
We're gettin good grip from the 50 series tires
The Alpine's bumpin but I need the volume higher"..........Go Monkeys!

socks said...

"We don't walk around like criminals or flex like big gorillas--
My homeboy (Lil Big Monkey) is the teenage lady killa"