Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Wisconsin, Hello Badger Sandwich!

Mmm... my belly's full after that delicious badger with cheese sandwich. What a feast! I stuffed myself and need to take an afternoon nap. Thanks for a great game, Bucky! P.S. - Badger meat is luscious. I bet wolverine might taste even sweeter. I'll find out next week.


Anonymous said...

The Wolverines have elected to forego the rest of their football schedule for 2008. Check back in early 2009 for Fall availability should you wish to reschedule.

Anonymous Wolverine Fan

Go Phillies!

big monkey said...


It's not as much fun to hunt down a wolverine when he's gimped up, but I'll still take my sandwich next Sunday.

I like the Phillie Phanatic (who wouldn't like a green anteater?), so ditto on the "Go Phillies!"

- Big Monkey

Anonymous said...

Is Big Monkey a Rays fan, or does he lean towards the Phillies?

You guys should try and get tickets to a World Series Game (knock on wood)! They are probably on sale by now.


big monkey said...

I don't really like baseball, but I do like mascots. I don't like the Rays since they changed their name from Devil Rays.