Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sock Monkey Cat Bed

Karl is the lucky recipient of a brand new sock monkey cat bed. I bought it on ebay, but Walgreens carries this fine fellow as well. There appears to be a family resemblance between sock monkey cat bed and my giant twins, Jarvis and Simon.

Sock monkey cat bed is a good place to hang out while grooming oneself.

He's even got a red heeled bum like me, although I think he's a hybrid sock monkey / turtle.

Karl was so cozy in his new bed that he fell asleep almost immediately, or maybe it was the sweet lullaby I was singing to him.


Noah said...

Hi, Big Monkey!

We are glad to see that Karl likes his new bed! We thought about getting one for our cats, but the last time we bought them cat beds, they would not even sit in them. Mom says I do not need a cat bed for me. Too bad. I would really like to have one.

Love, Noah

Big Monkey said...

Hi Noah!

Our cats never liked them much either, but if the inside is lined with fleece or a fleece blanket is placed inside then the bed is a hit! I think you should have your own sock monkey bed, Noah. Maybe you can get your mom to change her mind. o(;(])

Anonymous said...

My cat loves hers. I placed it in the hall outside our bedroom and she sleeps there many nights. Now we have a kitten under a month old and after showing it to her she loves it. So I am going to have to get one for her!!

Big Monkey said...

Hello Ruth. I'm so glad that your cats enjoy their sock monkey bed! Thanks for checking out my blog.