Monday, August 30, 2010

A Very Belated Birthday Post

I'm just barely posting these pictures in the same month of our birth. Yes, Mark and I have the same birthday. He says we are twins, but I'm really his uncle. Here's the eager birthday boy ready to dig into our luscious fudge cake.

I think I could handle this cake all by myself, but I must be generous and share.

Look out, cake. Here I come!

Thankfully, Mark and I got to enjoy our dessert before the chocolate lamprey came in for the kill. The chocolate lamprey is a rare genetic mutation of the
. Instead of sucking fish blood, it feeds purely on cocoa based foods like our fudge cake.

The chocolate lamprey enters a trance-like state while consuming its favorite food, so much so that it doesn't even notice the camera in its face. Either that or it's completely ignoring me. It's best not to disturb a wild animal during feeding time.

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