Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day and Miscellaneous Gifts

I apologize for the delay in posting these photos. My personal assistant has been occupied with more important things lately. Can you imagine anything more important than helping a sock monkey update his blog? Me neither.

The gifts I've received lately have more than compensated for the neglect. Check out my new t-shirt purchased on
from seller Sillysockmonkeys. It's a perfect fit. Got bananas? You bet I do!

My photos are now going to have a professional quality to them thanks to my brand new studio! It's a soft light box with a velvet blue background. Two halogen lamps provide ample brightness for my modeling shots.

Mark bought this gift for Laura. It's a sock monkey cross stitch kit. She needs to learn a new craft.

My new pal Julius came to live at our house a few weeks ago. He's super smart and specializes in fixing computers. He's already applied for a job with the Geek Squad.

This pretty little lady is a sock gorilla or sock ape, whichever you prefer. She's just a wee gal and still sucks her "thumb" occasionally. Her beautiful necklace can be worn by a human female as a bracelet. Laura doesn't have the heart (hee hee) to take it from her. The gorilla my dreams arrived at our home in this lovely red champagne flute on Valentine's Day.

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